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Everyone is different and has different goals - from a sprint distance triathlon to a full Iron Man event. By taking the time to understand these, I will help you achieve your goals at a pace that fits in with your lifestyle while progressively making you a stronger and more knowledgeable all round triathlete.


I constantly push myself to the limits and strive for the best in all that I do. I'll help you apply the techniques, drive, determination and motivation into your every day life to inspire you towards your health and fitness targets while enjoying the journey along the way. We might even have a bit of fun (depending on what you class as fun!)

Since 2015 I've built myself and my 'keoghfit' triathlon team up gradually both at half and full distance to take on some of the toughest but most enjoyable triathlon events worldwide... and we’ve no plans on stopping anytime soon.

I keep my client base numbers low so that I don’t lose that personal touch with each individual client as I want to experience your journey - whether it be physical or virtual- to the best possible standard.


I've always been really into sport & fitness, so coaching was the natural next step for me. Becoming a Certified IronMan Coach has made it a much more learned and rewarding journey for me and my team and I look forward to helping you on yours.

Michael Keogh



If you are starting out, please contact me to see which programme will be most suitable.


(in their own words)

Mick was highly recommended to me as a triathlon coach. I got to witness first-hand Mick’s dynamic relationship with his clients at the Hardman race in Waterville and I was greatly impressed. I approached Mick to take me on as a client as his work ethic was everything that I was looking for in a coach. He is incredibly knowledgeable and well respected in his field and shares his wealth of experience freely with his clients. Mick is very passionate about triathlon and incredibly motivating.  He is meticulous with his weekly training plans being individually tailored to meet his client’s expectations and to help them reach their personal goals. His coaching approach is unique in that he trains and races with his clients and refers to us as teammates and the camaraderie within our KeoghFit team is testament to his coaching style and personality. With Mick's expert guidance I have set some big goals for 2021 and I know he will be there to support me every step of the way. I couldn’t recommend Mick highly enough as a triathlon coach.




I am an experienced triathlete who has trained on self-built plans for the last 8 years, I felt & knew I had plateaued and was not seeing any further progress... enter Michael Keogh - Triathlon coach aka KeoghfFt. Mick is extremely dedicated to his KeoghFit team and will not put any training in your plan that he hasn’t tried and tested himself. With Mick's coaching I have achieved and set new PB’s on some very tough triathlon races. Mick is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and exuberant as well as being great craic!

Signing up with Keoghfit has been one of the best choices I’ve made and definitely a game changer for me on my Triathlon journey




I joined Michael’s team in 2019. My goal was to get myself ready to compete in longer distance triathlons. I was always reasonably fit, run my own business working long hours and have a large family with very little free time. I also knew that most of my training would have to be done on my own given the limitations on my time. I knew that I needed to approach my training in the same professional manner that I approach my business. In a sense I made Michael my non-executive director of my personal health/fitness. Having Michael there to design weekly programs, or have quick weekly updates acted as a tool to allow me to constantly hold myself accountable. Michael has an unassuming style, that makes it easy for me to pick his brain. I respect what he has done, how he lives his life and I cannot ask for a better coach to hold me accountable to myself.




I signed up with Mick back in October 2019 with big dreams of progressing with triathlon. Even though Mick is based in Dublin and myself in Cork I knew I made the right decision to have Mick as my coach as soon as I signed up. There is constant communication and Mick is always ready to answer question or any concerns! As a back marker of most races I compete in, Mick never once made me feel like I wasn’t good enough or my dreams weren’t realistic. He was supportive 110% - his faith in me made me work harder than before and achieve my goals that I never thought I could.  

Thank you Mick for your guidance, coaching, leadership and general motivation!




KeoghFit was recommended to me by a friend who was doing Cork Ironman, and who had really enjoyed the process, progressing from strength to strength with Mick. Following on from an impressive Ironman performance by my friend, I reached out to Mick as I began training for my first 70.3 last year. Being relatively new to triathlon, I was looking for more than just a coaching plan, I wanted feedback on training and to be more efficient with what and when I trained. I was really impressed by Mick and his personable approach. Following a very detailed and honest introduction he identified my strengths and weaknesses and got straight to work adapting a programme to suit my lifestyle and other commitments. What I found most beneficial from the training programme was that he will work on and tackle both your physical fitness as well as your mental & psychological strength.

I never knew how much I had to learn in order to improve both my experience and performance racing until I began with KeoghFit. In addition to clear and well-structured training plans weekly, Mick worked hard to help me change my mindset and approach to competing, improving my mental strength and ability to perform dramatically. As well as a very tailored and personable approach he has also created a small community within KeoghFit that feels like an extended triathlon family, lending advice, race support and great training company throughout the last year. I had only intended enrolling for a few weeks of training and over a year later I’m still a part of the KeoghFit team with new goals and targets for the 2021 season. I would highly recommend Mick as a coach, he is passionate, committed, experienced and knows how to help you get the most out of what you do.



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