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From once-off plans to recurring training programmes for seasoned pros, we have you covered.

All plans are €100 per month through the PayPal 'Buy Now' buttons below.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or want some help getting started.

5 - The Kick Starter

This is a one month plan & fitness test in the area you are interested in training in.

After a general health & fitness test and goal setting session, we will move straight into a programme that will suit your current level of fitness but at the same time will test you physically and mentally to bring you on to your next level.

4 - The Runner

  Whether it's a 5k fun run or competing in an international marathon I will build you up gradually from your fitness levels now to setting new personal bests in all distances of running. 
As a sub 3 marathon runner, all of my experience will be vital to help you achieve your goals.

3 - The Adventure Racer

From a 5k Run-A-Muck challenge to a growling 85k Quest Adventure race, I've done the lot. Combining running & cycling (plus the odd obstacle or kayak!) takes its toll on the body and needs to be correctly trained for. The right training combinations are key to helping you achieve your aim of becoming a confident & strong adventure racer.

2 - The Triathlete

Sprint, Olympic, Middle or Full distance triathlons need months or sometimes years of training.

We need to find out where you are now across all 3 areas and gradually build you up to be strong in all 3 to execute your perfect race. Nutrition & weight play key roles and with my experience we will identify your body's needs early and progress as we improve .

1 - The IronMan

If you got this far, well done for considering taking on the biggest one of all: The IronMan. 
After building myself up through all of these plans I still believe that the IronMan challenge is as tough mentally as it is physically. A 3.9k swim, 180k bike ride and 42k run seems impossible to most but with the correct training, intensity, commitment & time, this is 100% achievable. 
Most people will take between 1 to 3 years to complete this plan but from my personal experience I can guarantee you it's worth every training day that you put in.





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